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All the practical information on Princess Juliana International Airport and Grand Case Esperance Regional Airport

Princess Juliana International Airport, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten

+ 1 721 546-7542 
 + 1 721 546 7550

Princess Juliana International Airport, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten

General Information

The damage from Hurricane Irma has been considerable and it will take until 2020 for the Princess Juliana International Airport to be fully operational. New connections between the South Caribbean and St Martin should arise as well as an increase in flights to the United States.

Meanwhile, airport activity has resumed with reduced commercial rotations. Two pavilions next to the parking of the airport staff temporarily accommodate visitors for arrivals and departures.

Attention, pick-up or drop-off only is tolerated and only taxis are allowed in front of the terminal building. The visitors parking in front of the terminal is now open and offers 220 seats at US $ 1 per half hour.

Entry requirements

To enter Sint Maarten, a valid passport for the duration of the intended stay is required for European, American, Canadian, English and Australian nationals.

Visas for Sint Maarten are not required for these same nationals for stays of up to 90 days per 180 day period.
For Dutch or American citizens, it is 180 continuous days per year.

Nationals that are not mentioned above are invited to contact the Dutch Embassy to check the visa requirements.

A visa is an authorization made visible by placing a sticker in a valid passport or another travel document. The visa indicates that at the time of publication no objections have been made to the entry for a temporary stay or transit to a third country. The possession of a visa does not confer the right of an automatic entry. Even when entering, it must be demonstrated that the entry conditions are fulfilled.

The Caribbean visa allows nationals who need a visa to visit St Maarten, Aruba, Curaçao, St Eustatius and Saba for up to 90 days a year. Each continuous period in one of these territories may not exceed 30 days. The processing times for visa applications in the Caribbean vary by country, but are typically of one week.

Visitors who do not require a visa may extend their stay at the immigration office to a maximum of 180 days. The Caribbean visa can not be extended.

If you bring a pet with you, your pet needs a health certificate issued no later than 10 days before your arrival. You must also bring a list of inoculations, including proof of a rabies vaccination given at least 30 days before your trip.

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St Martin | Sint-Maarten is a duty free port. There is no special formalities upon arrival. Products for personal use do not require any formality.

For travelers over 16 years old, 200 cigarettes (or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars), 2 liters of wine, and 1 liter of alcohol of more than 22 °, or 2 liters of alcohol less Of 22 °. For perfumes: 50 g of extract or 50cl of eau de toilette. Other goods: € 183 in value, if the value is higher, the VAT duties will cover the totality of the sum. The above limits are not cumulative.

Landing at Princess Juliana International Airport, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten, CAribbean by Agnès Etchegoyen
Apply for a visa for St. Martin or Sint Maarten island, Caribbean

Grand-Case Esperance Regional Airport, Grand-Case, St. Martin

+ 590 590 22 11 00a>a>a> 

Landing at Grand Case Airport Hope in St. Martin, French West Indies

General Information

The Grand-Case Espérance airport terminal has been recently renovated and offers new facilities for the comfort of passengers.

Parking is available to visitors at the following rates:

from 0 to 10 minutes FREE
from 11 to 30 minutes 1 €
from 30 minutes to 1 heure 2 €
from 1 to 2 heures 3 €
from 2 to 12 heures +0.5 € per 1/4 hour
from 12 to 24 heures 24 €
Extra Day 24 €

Fast food and relaxation outlets and boutiques are now available in the lobby of the terminal building.

There is no departure tax at Grand Case Espérance Airport.

Entry requirements

Any French citizen with a simple national identity card may enter the territory of the French overseas collectivity of Saint-Martin.
Citizens of Schengen countries are not obliged to present a passport, an identity card is also sufficient.
For minors traveling alone, only the identity card is compulsory and accepted.

For Canadian and US citizens, a visa is not required for stays of less than 3 months. A valid passport must be presented to Customs.

For nationals of other countries, a valid passport and a visa are required. Tourist visas are issued by a French diplomatic mission and have an average validity of 60 days over a period of 90 days.
Any request for extension of stay must be addressed to the office of the prefecture.